Tee it high and let it fly

The golf course is in really great shape if you had a chance to play it recently. The fairways have really firmed up and you should enjoy the extra roll off your drives.

The 8th fairway was aerated this past Monday. It will heal over quickly with the warm soil temperatures. We will continue to aerate fairways throughout this summer as time, labor, and weather allows us to do so.

I sprayed the lower half of the 8th this morning with some foliar fertilizers to try and nurse it back into shape. That part of the fairway has really suffered from the onslaught of rain we have received dating back to last August.

The area in front of 9 white is roped off. Also there are stakes and cart signs going towards 9 blue. These areas have been damaged from cart traffic when carts were let out when it was still too soft. We will have to fill in the ruts and will remain closed until it firms back up. In the future if we have excessive rainfall i may be forced to close all of 9 tees to cart traffic. The little known footbridge can be used to walk over to 9 blue and yellow.

Next week is a holiday week and we need to complete all maintenance procedures in only four days. The staff and I will need to “hustle” next week to reach our weekly goals. So please understand if we dont stop or slow down while you are out playing golf.

Enjoy your holiday and ill see you out in the fairways!


Full Swing

The golf course has recovered nicely after all the rain we received this spring. The staff and I are finally into a routine grounds maintenance mode. Its great to see everyone out enjoying the course finally!

The first green recovered nicely after receiving some fertilizer. The greens are in great shape and we are rolling greens thrice a week or more.

1st Green

The 8th fairway is finally starting to come around. We applied some foliar fertilizers recently and we mow it only once or twice a week dependent on the soil conditions.

8th Fairway

We are using the gang units to cut this fairway and the quality of cut is not as clean as our fairway tractor. Its the best I can do at this time until I can remove some of the excessive thatch.

Gang Units

The fairways are a bit “thatchy” because they have not been aerated in two years. The reasons for this is twofold. One has been the weather and the other has been a broken gear box on the fairway unit.

As you can see it is a complicated piece of equipment with a lot of moving parts. We were able to fix it and I plan on aerating the 8th fairway this coming Monday. Removing some of the excessive thatch will help water percolate down and also create a favorable exchange of oxygen into the soil profile. It will also allow me to cut the fairway a bit lower in the future.

The course is a bit soggy after all this rain and high humidity this week. If we receive more rain tonite its possible carts will not be available tomorrow. Regardless, I would expect that carts will be available for this weekend. Please call the pro shop or check his blog to see if carts are permissible.

Have a great weekend! It looks like a good weekend to be swinging a club!

Greens Dethatching

The greens were vertical mowed in two directions last Tuesday. We then applied a generous amount of sand then punched it into the green profile with solid tines.

This procedure helped remove some thatch and also get some much needed air into the root zone. Thatch management is the single most important cultural practice for greens,tees, and fairways. Maintaining thatch levels at acceptable levels will create a firmer smoother playing surface. Also, water, fertilizer and plant protectants all work better with acceptable thatch levels.

The greens have healed over well but the practice green and the first are a bit off color. Some of the poa annual on theses greens are stressed out from the vertical mowing and dry weather we experienced last week.

I will spray the greens tomorrow with a organic foliar fertilizer and with the recent rainfall these greens should recover soon. However, I will continue to monitor them closely and make adjustments as needed.

I have finally submitted all paperwork for the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for golf. https://auduboninternational.org/acsp-for-golf/ It will be 8 weeks before we hear back from them. It’s been a very long journey but have finally reached the finish line. Once certified we will need to retain it by submitting paperwork every two years. Its an ongoing process and if you would like to get involved please contact me, Fran Devlin, or Vince McDermott.

We received a half inch today with more expected this week. Carts are ok as of right now although it is very wet out there. See you out in the fairways.