Weekend Outlook/Greens Aeration

Well as stated in my last post i was cautiosly optimistic about carts this weekend….. This weekend looks like it will be a wash for buggies as the course is soaked. If there is any chance of carts it would be Sunday so please contact Scott.

On Wenesday it was actually dry enough to mow almost all the fairways and even let a few carts out. We were able to mow most of the rough as well so we were fortunate to get as much done as possible before all this heavy rain.

We are aerating greens this coming Monday and Tuesday. We will have temporary pins in front of the greens while we are working on them. Once we are done dragging in the sand we will open them back up for play.

Have a nice weekend!

Looking Ahead

Im very glad to flip the calender to a new month as April has been a month to forget. Below average temperatures and above average rainfall has made it challenging to maintain the course in a consistent manner. Soil temperatures are still in the 40s which has slowed the growth of the turfgrass.

The fairways have not been mowed in two weeks due to saturated soil conditions. Im cautiosly optimistic we can mow them this week but that remains to be seen.

Im sure everyone is anxious to take a cart out and perhaps looking ahead to this weekend might offer the best chance. The soil water table is very high at the moment and we need some good drying days to allow carts. Please inquire with the golf professional as to when carts may be available.

Tentatively if the weather looks favorable next week we will aerate and sand the greens. We have not core aerated the greens in two years so this is a high priority.

Ill update again later this week with tentative dates for green aerification.

Ill see you out in the fairways soon!

Frost delay

Slight frost delay this morning. It should burn off by 9am so when the sign is taken down it will be safe to play. The course is still very soft and wet from all the rain we have had. Carts are unlikely today but i will check when the frost lifts. Please contact scott to see if carts are available.

Ill update again tommorow with the weekend outlook.

Frost Delay

Good Morning! Its a balmy 30 degrees with a light frost. Play will be suspended till 9:30.

The property is slowly drying up and we plan on mowing some fine cut turf today where it is possible. Bunkers are washed out and its unlikely we will have time to fix them today. The weekend outlook is calling for snow tonight but a nice day of weather on Sunday. Carts look doubtful this weekend due to the combination of snow and saturated soils. Looking ahead i see some good drying days on the extended forecast and carts should be permissible by mid week.

As a reminder please fix your ballmarks on the greens. Until we start routinely rolling the greens they will be on the soft side. Also, please replace your divots on tees and fairways. Next week I expect to mow the fairways again and start mowing the rough where it is needed. Spring has come a little early this year!

Have a great weekend!

Course Closed

The property is underwater right now and will be for the next 36-48 hours. There is a tremendous amount of tree litter all over the course. This is an unfortunate setback but a all too common occurance in April. Ill open the course for walkers as soon as the water recedes. Ill update again when we open back up.

What a difference a day makes

For better or worse Mother Nature is always in the driver seat. So far this year she has been very kind and its a welcome relief after the way we started last season.

We have mowed all the fairways including the lower half of the 8th. I dont think that has ever happened this early in the season. We have mowed tees and approaches and next week we will start trim mowing green and tee complexes. We are way ahead in a “normal” spring.

The greens were lightly fertilized and are slowing knitting back together from the deep vertical mowing last October. The greens were a little shaggy last week due to all the sand on the greens. We are now cutting with some sharp reels and its a noticeable improvement with the ball roll.

Today it is a bit blustery with some snow squalls.

We did receive a fair amount of rain this week and the course is a bit soft for buggies at the moment. Im going to check tommorow morning and let Scott know if carts are ok. Cart decisions are on a day to day basis this time of year due to cold soil tempertures. Cold soils drain very slowly and with no drainage on the course we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

A pair of American Kestrels have taken a keen interest in the kestrel box we installed down on 8 rough. Im keeping my fingers crossed we can have another clutch of kestrels. We had a bald eagle, osprey, and northern flickers visit our property on the same day. If you see any unusual birds on the property please let me know so i can document it for my ACSP record keeping.

Ill see you out in the fairways! Happy Easter!

Cups are down

Just a quick update. Ive installed a foam noodle at the end of the pin. You should be able to pick that ball out with your fingers and not touch the pin or cup. Ive already received some feedback from a few players yesterday. Ill cut the noodles a little shorter so the ball may fall easier into the cup. There is a USGA update on putting when you are in a five foot radius. Please ask Scott for the exact ruling as he will be starting back next friday.

As a friendly reminder please abide by the guidelines in place. Please stay at least six feet away from your playing partner. Do not congregate in groups in the parking lot or on the tees. A few courses in Connecticut have already been shut down because they were not abiding by the guidelines.

We have cleaned up half the course of winter debris so we are making good progress. The greens are a little slow right now but you should see an improvement in ball roll in the next two weeks. Ill go into more detail about this in a post next week.

Stay safe and healthy!

Cups are Up!

The season is kicking off a little early this year! We will be open for walkers on Saturday. Typically we open the weekend of the Masters but nothing is really normal at all lately.

The cups are aboveground so once the ball has touched the cup you are deemed to have holed out.

Please do not touch the flagstick or the cup! Its my understanding that you can use your foot to give yourself a better lie in the bunkers. This is a good question for our Golf Pro when he is back on property. Till then just go out and enjoy the course.

The course is still a little rough around the edges. The next few weeks will concentrate on picking up all the sticks and winter debris. We will start mowing tees, approaches and fairways once these areas are cleaned up. Overall its in pretty good shape as ive encounted alot worse coming out of the winter.

The tee blocks will be put out once they are refurbished. Its my understanding that rounds will not count towards your handicap so for the time being please tee it up where you like.

Ill end this with some great news! We have passed the Outreach and Education section for ACSP. Our very last step is to submit an environmental case study and a site visit by Audubon International to attest for certification. I will send the case study in this week and set a time up for a site visit this summer. Once certified we will be the only nine hole course in Connecticut to be designated an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for golf.

See you out in the fairways!