Bouncing back

Thank you to whoever performed a rain dance! We have received adequete rainfall the past two weeks. This morning the rain gauge recorded .80 inches of rain from tropical storm Fay. The playing surfaces have bounced back and are actively growing once again.

Recently you have may noticed that the ball roll on the greens are bit slower. This is due to combination of high humidity, rainfall and infrequent green rolling. The high humidity and surface wetness causes more friction and slows the ball down. Also we are experiencing some equipment and staffing challenges this season. These challenges have made it difficult to consistently schedule green rolling. Im not sure when these issues will be resolved so we can temporarily expect inconsistent and slower ball roll going forward.

Chinch bugs have returned once again and decimated a large area of the 14th tee. Next season i will incoporate a plant protectant on all the tees at the appropriate stage of the chinch bugs life cycle. On a seasonal basis I use very little insecticides on the property due to environemental reasons. The insecticides i do apply are species specific and are the most environmentally chemistries that are currently available. Unfortunately next year I will have to make a broad spectrum insecticide application on the tees so we are protected. I sprayed the 14th tee the other day and we will spike and seed it to nurse it back.

The kestrels flew the coop earlier this week from there nest box near 9 green.

I spotted 4 juveniles in a dead tree near 9 green. This is another great example of environmental stewardship! Ill update again in two weeks. See you out in the fairways!