Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June

The weather has been almost perfect the last few weeks. Albeit a touch on the dry side at the moment. Thats ok though as i always say its easier to put water on than it is to take it off on our golf course.

The lupines really do look glorious in our native area on the 2nd hole. Pictures dont do it justice so you have to seem them for yourself.

The last two weeks is one of the busiest stretches on our calender from an agronomic standpoint. We are trying to get all our pre emergent fertilizers out in time and also combating the annual bluegrass weevil(ABW).

The ABW weevil is the most destructive pest of annual bluegrass which is a plant we have quite a bit of in our fairways and greens.

The weevils are only 4.5 milimeters long and are difficult to detect as they hunt for annual bluegrass to feed on. Whats most destructive of these weevils is the eggs and subsquent larvae that hatch. The larvae feed primarily on annual bluegrass and can decimate large areas of turf if left unchecked.

Our preventative program is solid for greens and tees and we make just one protective application on the fairways. So once a year i make a fairway application that needs to get watered in immediately to increase the efficacy of the chemistry. So if you happenned to play last week and the sprinkers were on this is why.

I dont have much environmental news to share other than i continue to see kestrel activity in the bird box near 9 green. All our blue bird boxes are occupied and we have already had a clutch of bluebirds take flight.

There has been an uptick in play recently and with that there are more divots and pitchmarks. Please repair your pitchmark and one other on the greens. Replace your divots on the tees and fairways. The staff and I are trying to keep up with the divot repair on the tees but i need your help in keeping the course in great shape. If you are unsure of course ettiqette please ask the golf pro or myself and we will be happy to show you the way.

Thanks for your efforts in these matters! Ill see you out in the fairways!

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