Prevent Defense

We have had 1.27 inches of rain this month coupled with very dry and hot conditions. Al the playing surfaces are suffering drought stress and the rough has all but gone dormant.

The irrigation system is old but functions well and is a supplement to mother natures liquid gold. Evapotranspiration rates (ET) have been extremely high and when i do irrigate it quickly evaporates into the atsmoshpere.

What can i do? I have raised the height of cut on the fairways and greens. What does raising the height of cut do? This gives the plant more photosynthetic leaf tissue which enables the plant to capture and store more energy. Increasing the “bank” of stored energy allows the plant to stay cooler for longer periods during these hot and dry days. In addition we are also mowing greens every other day and rolling on days we dont mow. This will create a little inconsistency in green speed and I will resume normal green maintenance as soon as the greens bounce back from this stressful period.

Some good environmental news to share! The kestrels have returned to the box on 9 green!

Its anyones guess how many are in the box. Last year i believe we had 5 chicks hatch succesfully. If you are lucky you might see the female swoop in and deposit food into the box. They are getting big so it wont be long now till they take there maiden voyage.

I also had a bobcat and newly born kit walk out in front of me on the 8th hole. It was a neat experience but i never want to be that close to her mother and yound ever again.

Have a great weekend and ill try to update on conditions again soon. Pray for rain!

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