Getting into the swing of things

The golf course is in pretty good shape and it finally feels like late spring has arrived! We have had some gorgeous weather lately and i hope you have had a chance to get out and play.

The greens are not quite where they should be 15 days after treatment. We core aerated the greens the same time every year and typically by Memorial Day weekend they are rolling pretty true.

Regretfully all those cold nights have slowed down the top growth and they havent quite healed in. I expect within a few days from now they should be all healed over from aerification. You should expect a better ball roll and be able to enjoy them without any major distruptions till this fall.

There has been some activity in the kestrel box down on the 8th. Im not quite sure if they have laid eggs or hatched but will know for certain soon. We have established a no mow zone around the box to give them some more privacy. Please dont drive through this area.

Please help me keep the course in great shape. Replace your divots and fix your ball marks. Please do not exit a bunker on the high side on the 6th green. This is poor ettiquette and your likely to damage the bunker face.

Have a great holiday weekend and Ill see you out in the fairways!

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