Bumps and Bruises

The month of July is in the books and im glad to see the calender flip to a new month. 20 days in the 90s with no rain has put a tremendous amount of stress on the playing surfaces. The rough has been virtually dormant the last few weeks and we have largely stopped mowing it. All things considering the course has held up through the drought fairly well.

The greens,tees and fairways have have some bumps and bruises. I was forced to raise the height of cut on the greens to keep them healthy and consequently ball roll has been a little slower lately. Ill lower the height of cut down once this stressful period subsides.

The greens were “vented” yesterday coupled with a light coat of sand.

The green surface is aerated with solid tines in comparison to the the hollow tines that pulls cores.

This procedure promotes healthy gas exchange in the soil profile. It helps alleviate compaction and provides water to infiltrate the green profile. The sand helps mitigate thatch accumulation and smooths the putting surface. They should roll just fine in just a few days time.

Divot mix is provided for the carts and on the tee boxes. Please use it and encourage others to do the same. Also please repair your pitch mark and one other.

All things considered the course has held up through the drought fairly well. Ill see you out in the fairways!