Bonus Days

Having grown up in New England for most of my life i cant seem to recall a stretch of weather like this in November. I hope you had a chance to enjoy some late season golf. The property is cleaned up and is playing well.

The pins will remain in until such a time that warrants closing the course for the season. Typically i will pull the pins and close the course in early December. Mother nature will let us all know when the time is right.

Its been a very unusual growing season as we mowed fairways in March as well as in November which are first time occurances in my 15 seasons here. Yesterday we changed cups and rolled the greens for the last time. We also mowed rough yesterday which is a task we normally dont do this time of year.

We removed quite a few dead trees on the property but we didnt get to them all. I hope we have a decent spring and find time to take the remaining trees down.

This is the staffs last week and we will winterize all the equipment and pack the barn away for the winter. Carts have been available recently but im not sure for how much longer. If we receive a good soaking tommorow then that might be it for the year.

This blog will go dormant for the next few months. However, if i have something noteworthy to share i certainly will do so.

Its been a very long season for the staff and I. We are glad the season is coming to a close. We can all hope and look forward to an early spring so we can all get back at it. Have a great offseason and ill see you out in the fairways!

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