Lost but not forgotten

This month is quickly coming to a close and we have enjoyed some spectacular weather to play golf. We have been maintaining playing surfaces and rough on a as needed basis. Lately, the vast majority of our time is spent raking, blowing, and mulching up leaves on the property.

Next week looks much cooler and we will do a final mowing of the property. Historically we stop maintaining the grass in late October. Our final mowing of the greens will be late next week or early the following week. I grow the greens out and let them get “shaggy”. This enables them to capture and store more energy for the winter months. This extra stored energy will help the plants survive through the cold winter months.

Recently, White Memorial gave us permission to remove some dead trees on the property. One tree that i am happy to see be removed is the Norway Maple behind the first green. Norway Maples are on the invasive plant list and should never be planted on a golf course or anywhere else.

Ive always wanted to cut down this tree to open up a vista that has been long forgotten. Tree placement on a golf course is incredible important and should be carefully considered not only how it will affect plant health but more importantly block views for future generations.

1st Green

Thankfully alot of the leaves have come down and we are on the downside of fall cleanup. The oaks are starting to change color and some of our maples are just starting to peak.

Maple “October Glory”

I hope some of you will take advantage of these last few days of good golfing weather. As always ill see you out in the fairways!

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