Weekend Outlook

The golf course is finally receiving some beneficial rainfall. All the playing surfaces are recovering well from the excessively dry conditions this season. Overall the golf course is in really good shape as the growing season is coming to a close.

The staff and I have been busy trying to keep up with leaf clean up. We are alternating our time between leaf clean up and mowing duties. The grass growth rate has really slowed down and we will only be mowing greens, tees, and fairways on a as needed basis. The first week of November is typically when we stop mowing all playing surfaces and start the process of winterizing our equipment for long term storage.

The rough mower is in the barn getting an mowing deck overhaul. I expect it to be up and running early next week. The rough may be a little unkept in areas if you happen to play in the next few days. By next weeks end we will get caught up on all the rough. Thanks for understanding.

It is unlikely carts will be available tomorow and even possibly sunday. Heavy rain is expected tonight but ill evaluate the course over the weekend. Please check in with Scott to see if carts are available.

Time is getting short for the staff and I but we will be on property for another month. Im hopeful that we have some good stretches of weather to aerate the tees and also accomplish some much needed tree trimming. There are plenty of good golf days left so i hope to see you out in the fairways!

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