Course Conditions

As September comes to a close we can look back on some specatcular weather to play golf. Up until last nights rain event it was a very dry month. The greens are knitting back together nicely and we are cutting them with sharp reels. You should see a noticeable improvement in ball roll next time you play.

Fairways were core aerated last week and they should heal over by next week. We still have to aerate all the tees, collars, and approaches which we will do over the next month.

We had back to back hard frosts last week and the leaves are starting to change color as well as drop. We will be on leaf cleanup duty for the remainder of the season. Our goal is to keep the clubhouse grounds and golf course as clean and playable as humanely possible.

The tree that was taken down by Isaias will prove to be very beneficial for years to come. The fourth green will capture plenty of morning sun as we slowly march into winter. This will enable the plants to sequester and store more energy for the winter.

4th Green

The season is slowly winding down but there are plenty of good golfing days left. I hope to see you out in the fairways!

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