Greens Aeration 9/14

A blog post with some encouraging news! The worst of the summer turfgrass stress is in the rearview mirror. Cooler nights and adequate rainfall are promoting good recovery on all the playing surfaces. The stressed out areas on the second green were needle tined and seeded a few weeks ago. The seed has germinated and it is slowly knitting back in. The insect damage on the 14th tee is filling in quickly now and both these areas are welcome sight for a turfgrass manager.

Thank you to the BOG for approving the acquistion of a new pond aerator. Keeping the pond water circulating is critical for aerobic conditions and also helps prevent algae blooms.

On Monday we will start the process of greens aeration. We will be double vertical mowing the greens followed by 3/8 hollow tines. The smaller coring size followed by a granular fertilizer application and the holes should close up in quick order. Some of the greens will not be topdressed with sand on Monday. Tuesday we will be demoing a new spin walk behind topdresser. Our John Deere sales rep is willing to spend a few hours with us topdressing some of our difficult greens. I hope to finish coring greens by Wenesday and the goal is to get them fairly cleaned up of sand by the weekend.

Ill report back late next week with another addition. Good luck to the women in their member guest tommorow as well as the men in the Fields Cup. See you out in the fairways!

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