The hits keep on coming…

The last few weeks have been another difficult stretch for maintaining the property. Isaias was a real knock out punch. The volume of sticks, branches, and tree work that had to be cleaned up was staggering. We have just finished up the last remnants of that storms debris today.

The last few weeks have also been characterized by high heat and humidity with very little rain. This has caused most of the rough to remain in a nearly semi-dormant state. There are some areas of rough on the property we havent mowed in weeks. Rain is expected today and over the next few days. I expect we will slowly start to see some recovery in the next few weeks.

We have been operating without a full staff this season. Ive tried all season long to find a staff member who would show up everyday. Persistence pays off and Karl is our newest staff member who just started Monday. He has experience landscaping and is eager to learn the ropes on a golf course. Karl will be a tremendous help as we have been hopelessly behind in so many maintenance duties this summer.

Some other good news to share is that Isaias knocked out a balsam fir behind the fourth green. This will enable the fourth green to capture more morning sun and photosynthesize more efficiently.

The last bit of really good news is that a representative of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf will evaluate our property for final certification next week. Its been a long process and i am confident we will pass.

Greens, tees, collars, and fairways will be aerated in September. Please check back for updates as i will announce these dates in advance over the coming weeks.

September is fast approaching and so is cooler nights and shorter days. Labor day marks the end of what turfgrass managers deem the “100 days of Hell” This has been the most difficult season in my 15 years and im very glad to see Labor day is just a week away.

See you out in the Fairways!

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