Looking Ahead

Im very glad to flip the calender to a new month as April has been a month to forget. Below average temperatures and above average rainfall has made it challenging to maintain the course in a consistent manner. Soil temperatures are still in the 40s which has slowed the growth of the turfgrass.

The fairways have not been mowed in two weeks due to saturated soil conditions. Im cautiosly optimistic we can mow them this week but that remains to be seen.

Im sure everyone is anxious to take a cart out and perhaps looking ahead to this weekend might offer the best chance. The soil water table is very high at the moment and we need some good drying days to allow carts. Please inquire with the golf professional as to when carts may be available.

Tentatively if the weather looks favorable next week we will aerate and sand the greens. We have not core aerated the greens in two years so this is a high priority.

Ill update again later this week with tentative dates for green aerification.

Ill see you out in the fairways soon!

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