Green vertical mowing update

We have removed a large amount of organic matter in the upper profile of the green. Once the sand gets worked in it will firm up the greens for next season. The sand will also protect the crown of the plant during the cold winter.

Monday did not go as I planned and thats just a normal day managing a golf course. Artistitic Irrigation showed up without notice to blow out the irrigation system. He had to blow water on the greens that we had topdressed and since the sand was wet we could not work it into the turf canopy.

At the moment 1,5,7,8,9 greens have sand on them and are unplayable. As soon as the frost burns off i will verticut the 2nd and 3rd greens and we will topdress those as well. Once the sand dries later this morning we will work the sand into the greens and open them back up. Our goal today is to completely finish all the greens and put the pins back in.

Sorry about the inconvenience but it was circumstances beyond my control.

The course will remain open for walkers if you would like to brave the elements. I will keep the pins in until there is a forecast for a prolonged hard freeze.

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