Thats a wrap

This blog will be infrequently updated from now till next March. If something noteworthy happens i will be sure to share with the membership.

We received well over a inch of rain yesterday and more heavy rain is expected this week. I feel that this will close out any chance of carts for the remainder of the season.

The staff and I will be around for the next few weeks putting the course and all our equipment to bed for the season. We are pulling the tee blocks and other golf course accesories today. The pins will remain in for the next 6 weeks for members wishing to walk and play. We will not be maintaining the greens at all going forward. Letting the greens get a little “shaggy” helps the plants store carbohydrates for the long cold winter.

Next week i hope we have a few dry days to perform an important cultural practice. We will deeply vertical mow the greens, apply sand, then solid tine the green profile. This will help mitigate thatch and also provide channels for water to percolate down.

We had a really nice fall to work on the golf course and we accomplished alot of important cultural practices that will set us up for a succesful 2020 season. Thanks for all the positive comments this year and Im looking forward to seeing you all next season!

2 thoughts on “Thats a wrap

  1. Thank you for all the hard work you guys due everyday during the season. Looking forward to next year. I had 2inches of rain over the weekend☹️


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