Frost Delay

Its 29 degrees as of 7:15 am. Play will be suspended until 10 am.

Cart traffic and or foot traffic can be lethal to grass that has frost. Ice crystals inside the plant will puncture the cell walls and cell organs when subjugated to traffic. It will turn black and wont fully recover until the next season. If overnight lows are in the 30s with no wind frost delays are to be expected. Please plan on playing at 9:30 or 10am.

The weather this past September was none like we have experienced in many seasons. The golf course has been in phenomenal shape with gorgeous weather to play golf.

Recently we have focused our efforts on leaf clean up and less on normal routine maintenance. We have been mowing the playing surfaces on a as needed basis so fairways, tees, and approaches are a little less manicured this time of year. The growth on the greens have slowed down considerably and we are mowing them every other day.

I am planning to dethatch the greens the week of October 21st. We will perform a deep vertical mowing followed by a heavy application of sand. That will be followed by a solid tine aerfication to create sand channels into the greens for better rooting. Please check the blog for exact dates and timelines which will be dictated by weather.

The staff and i have 5-6 weeks left on the property and we are starting to break down the course as well as the property. The coolers and divot boxes have been put away for the season. Benches, ballwashers, and other accessories will be stored in the near future. The tennis courts will be broken down soon. Tennis play can continue until Putnam takes up the nets and lines.

Still plenty of good golf as the season starts to wind down. Hope to see you out in the fairways!

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