Switching Gears

The golf course was in great shape for our club championship and fields cup matches. With the conclusion of all our our premier tournaments of the season the LCC maintenance team will be switching gears and focus on soil cultivation practices.

We have started the process of aerating fairways, tees, collars, and approaches. This is a labor intensive procedure which requires the entire crew. So there may be days when you come out to play we do not mow greens or rake bunkers. Thanks for understanding as we have a small staff and these fall cultural practices are a higher priority than routine maintenance.

The weather looks good next week and I hope to aerate the 1st,4th, and 7th fairways. This fall, if time and weather allows us i would like to aerate some of our fairways for a second time this season. The thatch in our fairways is getting to a critical level and needs corrective action.

One very good reason to reduce thatch is that insects are attracted to that particular micro environment. Pictured below is the blight on the 3rd tee.

Orginally i thought this was drought and heat stress. Upon closer inspection i found chinchbugs! Yes chinchbugs! This is my first observation of these insects on the property. They enjoy sunny thatchy micro environments and the 3rd tee checks all the boxes.

We have applied a plant protectant and we are aerating and overseeding this area today. Next season i will monitor our tees a little more closely for this tiny destructive insect. Next year we will need to aerate this tee and others a few extra times to reduce the amount of thatch.

Green aeration has been pushed back to October. Im not exactly sure when i will schedule it. Invariably it will be during a beautiful sunny dry stretch of weather. I will send a notice out in the crier and also try to get it posted on the members event calender.

The weather has been spectacular to play golf! Hope to see you out in the fairways.

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