Pumping the Brakes

The last few weeks of weather have been a tough stretch to manage the turfgrass on the golf course. The hot and dry weather have exposed some of our poor soils on our greens, tees, and fairways. We have been maintaining the course very conservatively this past week and will continue this practice through this weekend with temperatures expected in the 90’s. This past week we cut greens Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The off days we only rolled them.

3rd Green

Tomorrow we will mow the greens and Sunday we will only roll them. The greens might have been a bit slower but our goal is for them to remain healthy as we prepare for our upcoming tournaments.

Please observe the white and green stakes and cart signs. These are out for a reason! The reason is to give the turfgrass a chance to survive this weather. Also, it is much easier to make a up and down around the greens in healthy grass than a trampled lie from a cart. Carts are not allowed near greens, on tee slopes or even on tees. Carts should not be driven behind the 6th green on the right side as you play the hole.

I encourage you to inform you playing partners or other members if they are not practicing proper etiquette. If for some medical reason you cant walk then i understand but please try and stay a reasonable distance from the greens and tees with a cart.

Thankfully we received close to a half inch of rain yesterday and the grass perked up a bit. That rainfall was a welcome sight and the turfgrass really needed that slow steady rain.

1st fairway

This weekend is going to be tough with the heat and humidity but next week it looks like the temperatures should be more tolerable. Hopefully we get some more rain next week so the property can really shine for the men’s member guest next weekend. Next week the weather looks favorable for me to put my foot on the gas and resume mowing and rolling greens every day. Stay cool and i hope to see you out in the fairways!

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